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About us

Our Journey

In 2019, Vidya began to take notice of the prevalence of chemicals being applied to our skin and hair in our daily routines. As a new mother, she found it concerning to use such products on her skin, given their potential harshness. After conducting extensive research, the journey of "Viva Diseno" commenced in 2020, driven by the recognition of the importance of using the right ingredients for the specific needs of one's skin. Vidya has been diligently working on this endeavor from her home, pouring her heart and soul into it.

And now, with immense gratitude for the love and invaluable feedback we've received, we proudly introduce to you the "Tiarrah" brand. It's a dream realized, nurtured with care and devotion. We wholeheartedly hope for your continued affection and support on this heartfelt endeavor.

Why choose Lush Bath and Body Shop?

We know how much you love yourself. All our skin and hair care products are handmade, natural and organic. The ingredients used in our products are fresh and healthy for your skin and hair. They are well-balanced, maintaining a Ph balance. We have a nature solution for all your skin and hair concerns. They are natural and cost effective and we believe in delivering you with an authentic product at an affordable price.

All the ingredients used in our products are natural and chemical free. Our products are made out of love and made in small batches to deliver them fresh.

Cruelty Free

We love animals and we do care for furry creatures of every kind. We DO NOT test any of our products on them. Our products are 100% Cruelty Free.

Say Hello to our Bella - pug pet.


Made in India


We are proudly manufactured in INDIA and our source of ingredients, packaging and other supports are from India.