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Baby Bliss Neem Wood Comb

Baby Bliss Neem Wood Comb

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The Baby Bliss Neem Wood Comb from Tiarrah offers a natural and gentle way to care for your baby's hair. Made from high-quality neem wood, this comb has natural antibacterial properties that help prevent scalp infections and dandruff. Its smooth, rounded teeth glide easily through hair, reducing breakage and promoting healthy hair growth. The neem wood comb also massages the scalp, enhancing blood circulation and keeping the scalp healthy. Ideal for daily use, this eco-friendly comb is perfect for maintaining your baby's delicate hair and scalp. Free from harmful chemicals, it provides a safe and nurturing grooming experience.




Neem Wood

How to use

Comb your hair twice a day for stronger hair . Teeth of neem comb should touch your scalp while combing.

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